London Centre Spring Seminars 2016

London Centre for the Ancient Near East, Spring Seminar Series: “New Research”.

Also: two occasional lectures during the Spring.

All events of the Spring Series and LCANE occasional lectures are open to everyone depending on space limitations.

Jan 18th            Gianni Marchesi (Bologna): “The Cuneiform Finds of the Bronze and Iron Ages from Karkemish: An Overview”

Includes spectacular find of fragments of cylinders of Sargon II with a new historical text and the already published early Neo-Assyrian fragment of the “Evil Demons” series.

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Images: Copyleft of the Turco-Italian Archaeological Expedition at Karkemish

Feb 1st              Hasan Peker (Istanbul University): New Data for the History of Iron Age Karkemish: Epigraphic Discoveries of the Turco-Italian Expedition

Includes hieroglyphic finds from new excavations, as well as similar finds that had been thought lost and are now recovered from T.E. Lawrence and C.L. Woolley’s abandoned dig-house, in addition to the extraordinary discovery of a fragment joining to one of the earliest hieroglyphic monuments ever found from the very first excavations (1878).

Feb 15th            Yağmur Heffron (UCL, London): “Too much coincidence? Archaeological-textual complementarity in Anatolian funerary practices (2nd millennium BC)”

Feb 29th            Christopher Metcalf (Oxford): “New Literary Sources on Old Babylonian Religion”

Unpublished Sumerian literary texts

March 14th        Martin Bommas (Birmingham): “Life and Death at the Southern Border of Ancient Egypt: three case studies”.

Occasional Lectures:

Jan 25th:           Çiğdem Maner (Koç University, Istanbul): CANCELLED

March 7th:         Brian Janeway (Tayinat Archaeological Project):”Finding the Philistines: Ceramic Evidence of the Northern Sea Peoples at Tell Tayinat”