Spring Public Lectures 2019: Gods of Old

SOAS University of London, Russell Square, London WC1

Senate House North Block, Room 110 Alumni Lecture Theatre

Mondays at 6.15 pm



the mythology of ancient iraq

 14 January Andrew George (SOAS): Introducing the Gods of Old: The mythology of ancient Iraq

21 January: Kamran Zand (Heidelberg): The Mythology of Sumer: the Oldest Known Stories

4 February Jens Braarvig (Oslo): The Mythologies of Mesopotamia and India: Are They Connected?

18 February: Gösta Gabriel (Göttingen): Ashurbanipal’s Library and the Babylonian Creation Epic

4 March: Manuel Ceccarelli (Geneva): Myth and Magic: Creating Human Beings in Ancient Mesopotamia

18 March Annette Zgoll (Göttingen): What is Mesopotamian Mythology? And How to Understand it

Convened by Andrew George, Dept of History, Religions and Philosophies

The London Centre for the Ancient Near East http://banealcane.org/lcane/

Supported by the Thriplow Charitable Trust

Shahina Farid lecture on Çatalhöyük

To accompany the exhibition at SOAS on the Çatalhöyük excavations, LCANE has invited Shahina Farid, long-term field director at the site, to give us a lecture, on 15 October at SOAS. room B202 at 6.15pm, Brunei Building.

Neolithic Çatalhöyük updated : a review of half a century of different methods and approaches in archaeological practice.

To view or download the abstract: Abstract

And here also some photos of the site and finds:

BANEA 2018 Conference for the Ancient Near East

27-29 March 2018: BANEA 2018, Durham

27-29 March      BANEA 2018 Conference for the Ancient Near East
University of Durham. 
Keynote speakers:
Tues 27 March    Prof. Adam Smith The peoples in the hills: Kurgans, Cromlechs, and the architecture of afterlives in the Bronze Age Caucasus
Weds 28 March   Prof. Marta Luciani The desert and the seas: key issues in the archaeology of the Arabian Peninsula
Call for papers coming soon on the conference website banea2018.com, or on banealcane.org or facebook
Further information dan.lawrence@durham.ac.uk

John Curtis: Austen Henry Layard and his artists (LCANE AGM)

Annual General Meeting of the London Centre for the Ancient Near East. The Annual General Meeting will take place at 6pm and then at 6.15pm Dr John Curtis, formerly of the British Museum, will give a lecture entitled:

Austen Henry Layard  and his artists

All welcome. There will be refreshments after the talk.

April 30th, 6pm,  SOAS, Brunei Building, B104.

Martin Worthington: Sargon’s name and the circumference of Khorsabad: a suggested solution

Martin Worthington of the University of Cambridge (currently on Research Leave in New York) will give a lecture entitled

Sargon’s name and the circumference of Khorsabad: a suggested solution

Jan 25th, Djam Lecture Theatre (Room G2), SOAS College Building ground floor, Russell Sq WC1. London Centre for the Ancient Near East Occasional Lecture, all welcome.