Committee Membership

The London Centre has a large committee which  includes members from most of the institutions dealing with the Ancient Near East in and around London and independent scholars.

Committee Officers

Andrew George, SOAS (Treasurer)

Yağmur Heffron, UCL (Membership Secretary)

Jon Taylor, British Museum (Secretary)

Mark Weeden, SOAS (Chair)

Student Representatives

Anthea Crane, UCL, undergraduate student representative

Xosé Hermoso-Buxán, UCL, PhD student representative

Mathilde Touillon-Ricci, SOAS/British Museum, PhD student representative

David Wilson, SOAS, PhD student representative

Committee Members

Lindsay Allen, KCL

Mark Altaweel, UCL

Morris Bierbrier, formerly British Museum

Hugh Bowden, KCL

George Hart, formerly British Museum 

J. David Hawkins, formerly SOAS

Yağmur Heffron, UCL

Amelie Kuhrt, formerly UCL 

John MacGinnis, British Museum

Christopher Metcalf, The Queen’s College, Oxford

Jan Picton, UCL

Janet Politi (independent)

Margaret Serpico, UCL

Diana Stein, Birkbeck

Jonathan Stökl, KCL

Selena Wisnom, Division of Archaeology, Cambridge

Martin Worthington, Division of Archaeology, Cambridge