This web page welcome you to the joint information hub of BANEA & LCANE. From here you can visit the hub’s two channels, use the information, check dates for upcoming events, join both organisations and review the growing database of resources contributed by both organisations.

BANEA (The British Association of Near East Archaeology) is open to anyone who is interested in the archaeology, languages and history of the Ancient Near East. BANEA exists to bring together professionals and non-professionals with similar interests, to distribute and exchange information about recent developments in the field, and to make such information available to a wider public. BANEA publishes the London Diary for the Ancient Near East three times a year. Subscription to the London Diary is through a Membership of BANEA.

LCANE (The London Centre for the Ancient Near East) is an association of university and museum academics, independent scholars and others with interests in the ancient Near East. The purpose of LCANE is to promote London and the surrounding areas as a centre for the study of the ancient Near East: the geographical areas of Mesopotamia, the Levant, Egypt and the Sudan, the Arabian peninsula, Iran, Anatolia and the Aegean world, as well as the Indus valley and other neighbouring regions.